Welcome to Upland Financial Partners!

Upland Financial Partners officially launched today.  Our mission is simple...serving the financial needs of upland hunters and fine gun collectors.  That's who we serve because that's who we are.
This laser focus allows us to confidently proclaim "We are THE HUNTER’S FINANCIAL ADVISOR℠".

A Return to My Roots

Upland began as an idea written on a yellow pad, as something to get to later.  I had grown up hunting pheasant and quail in the fields of Ohio and Indiana with my Dad, but then life seemed to get in the way.  Playing football and baseball in high school, then onto college, than a career, marriage, back to college for a graduate degree, new career, kids-- life just seemed to come between me and hunting. 

Suddenly I was in my 40's and had lost touch with that amazing feeling you get from bird hunting.  Walking across semi-frozen ground on a cold, gray morning, dogs barking in anticipation of working the field, the way your heart skips a beat on that first point, walking up and hoping the bird doesn't flush before you're in range, flicking off the safety and dropping the bird on your (hopefully) first shot.  It took my son's interest in our family's traditions to really make me wake up and realize how much I missed being in the field.  

Two Paths Converge

With the launch of Upland Financial Partners I finally have a way to marry together two of the great passions in my life...a lifetime love of hunting and a 20+ year career of helping people achieve their financial hopes and dreams.  I first entered the financial services industry in the 1990's, eventually launching a firm called Oxford Financial Partners.  Oxford now serves nearly 200 families across more than 20 states and is one of the great joys of my life.  I'm taking all that I have learned there and tailoring it specifically for the needs of upland game hunters and fine gun collectors.  

Upland Financial Partners is the first and, at this time, ONLY financial services firm dedicated solely to the needs of hunters.  In the coming months we'll have a lot of insightful content to share with the hunting community including articles discussing the unique financial needs of hunters, ways to finance your own hunting land, trends in collectible shotgun prices and more.

Join Us

I hope our story and message resonate with you.  If you like what we're up to, please share us with others.  I look forward to connecting with you one day, hopefully in a field full of game birds. 

I'd love to know what you think of the website, and hear your ideas on how to expand on our mission.  Click on the button below and let's talk!

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