All Progress Begins With the Truth

A friend of mine once said, “We spend an inordinate amount of time wondering what people who we don’t even like think about us.”

It’s true. Lots of time and energy can be spent thinking about what everyone else around you thinks about your opinions, your clothes, your politics or your hair. At the end of the day, the only people who matter are those whom you choose to make a part of your life.

I have chosen to surround myself with quality people who tell me the truth about myself. I have a staff that respects and likes me and vice versa. My wife has no problem telling me what she thinks. And she will tell you that I am not a people pleaser. I lay it on the table, and you can choose if it works for you or not. If you don’t buy in to me, or to my approach, that’s okay.

While not everything is black and white, there are some things where I don’t buy the shades of gray mentality. Some things just are. Don’t hit women or children. Don’t cheat to get ahead. Be honest and transparent about what’s in front of you. Find a plan and stick with it. I like people who have opinions and are true to who they are. And I like to ensure that my clients know exactly what they’re buying and who I am when they hire me.

What to Expect From a Trusted Advisor

The age-old traits of authenticity, honesty, and consistency do matter. I don’t sugarcoat things—not with my children (who will tell you I am sometimes too honest in my criticism), not with my wife, and not with my clients. My feeling is that you should know what to expect of me, and I of you. I will never tell a client their financial future looks secure if it doesn’t or that I think they’re making a sound decision if I don’t. Sometimes it’s hard to say it—and sometimes it’s certainly not what they want to hear. But you can only make good decisions if you know what you’re dealing with. It’s my job to be honest and consistent in the face of all the other moving parts. I do that in my life, and I do it in my practice.

Have a Plan for Living

Life is too short to be unhappy, worried, and pessimistic. My belief – grab life by the proverbial horns, and go for it. My parents were extraordinarily good at this. They loved life. They loved having fun. They loved each other and me and their family and friends. They traveled; spent money on the things that mattered to them; partied and laughed and created memories every chance they got. They worried very little. I don’t think they had very many regrets. I lost them way too soon, and will never get over being angry and sad about that. But I will never stop admiring them for how they lived and what they got out of the too-few years that they had. If they taught me one big lesson, this was it: love deep, live hard, and have fun.

I find myself encouraging my clients to adopt some of these same attitudes. Plan, have a back-up plan, and then go live. Go do the things you can afford to do. Life will happen, regardless of how much you worry. So live it to its very fullest while you can.

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